Rocking-j was created in May 2006 with the primary purpose of offering a wide selection of quality used advertising signs for the collector and decorator that may be purchased online.

All signs will be used ones unless stated otherwise so expect to find normal usage such as scratches, scuffs and wear on them, we will try to point out any distractions in their descriptions, if you see a distraction that you want to observe closer send us your email address and we will respond with a closeup photo email of that distraction, if a sign is not dated we make no attempt to "guess" the age as a lot of newer abused signs appear older than they actually are. If it is dated we will mention that otherwise you will have to make your own judgment as to age, condition and authenticity, we offer "used signs" and that is our only guarantee. We rate each sign as to condition on a scale of 1-10 and this will be our opinion of condition, your opinion may differ so look at the photo's carefully and judge for yourself. The scale is as follows::

10. Mint in box quality
9. Just under mint with very minor imperfections
8. Light scratches, minor dents, bends, light edge rusting
7. Heavier scratching, flaking, light dents,pitting & rust spots. light fading
6. Very noticeable damage or deterioration

We will keep our inventory within these ratings and show nothing less than 6 without special mention.
Contact us through the contact numbers found on the "CONTACT US " link.